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Become a wine grower for a day and share this unforgettable the experience with your family, your friends or during a team building event with your colleagues!

“A day in a wine grower’s life” is situated in a vineyard in the Lavaux UNESCO World Heritage the Saturday 11th of March 2017 at 9am.
We warmly invite you to our vineyard trimming excursion. This day gives you the possibility to share a day of work and give you insight on a wine-producer’s daily activities.
You will learn how to trim the vine stock at the beginning of its growth. A good trimming will have an impact on the quality of the wine for the future harvest!

During this day, we will serve you a delicious mushroom risotto cooked in a cupper cauldron and you will also be able to taste our wines and our future production!
You will be able to taste our 2016 vintage directly from the cellar and you will be able to fill your personal bottle yourself!

During this day, and for only 30.- CHF, you will have access to:

Introduction on how to trim wine stock in our plot in Lutry with a beautiful view of the regionA mushroom risotto cooked in a cauldronOne bottle of the new vintage (that you…

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