What you always wanted to know about Swiss Wine from Lavaux

The Land

The wines from the winery “Terres de Lavaux” are produced within the magnificent vineyards of Lavaux which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage since 2007. This Landscape is blessed with three suns, the sun itself, the reflection of Lake Geneva and the accumulated heat in hundreds of stone walls, handbuilt over the centuries by man. This threefold influence as well as local warm winds favors the excellent ripening of the grapes from the shore of the lake (375 m) to the upperlevel (550 m).

Women and Men

The vinegrowers, women and men, cultivate their vineyards in the traditional manner. On the slopes and terraces which are difficult to reach, most of the work is done by hand including the harvesting of the grapes. This demanding terrain for those who cultivate it has produced celebrated wines for several centuries. Over centuries these vineyards have survived a number of crisis in their long history wether economic, climatic or from diseases (phylloxera). It was in 1906 that a few vinegrowers of Lutry united to found what has become “Terres de Lavaux”.

History of Lavaux

Since the 12th century, the cistercian monks have cleared these slopes of forest and developped terrace cultivation. Only the construction of stone walls has made possible the planting of vines in such steep conditions. It is in the Lavaux region that the chasselas was created, a famed royal variety. The chasselas has succeeded in transcending the mineral force of this landscape hollowed out by the alpine glaciers, thus providing the unique delicacy and complexity to the grape blessed by the three suns. It shows infinite variations depending on the content of schist, clay and stone derived from the various layers of the soil. This tradition of the chasselas cultivation has lasted thanks to the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next in the course of the centuries.


Lavaux is a living heritage sight capable of making tradition evolve with the new knowledge of the vine and the soil. Other grape varieties have also succeeded in adapting perfectly to this climate. From the 1990’s, those responsible for the wine cellar have evolved a philosophy of vine cultivation : new practices respecting the environment, study of the soils and a drastic reduction in production. A new generation of talented oenologists has created clever and subtle technics in the production of white and red wine specialities. Unique in their respect of the native terroir and pleasant like the climate of the region, the wines have frequently received prices in national and international competitions.

An Invitation

The winery “Terres de Lavaux” invites you to discover the results of this secular heritage in the new tasting premises located in Lutry. This is a genuine entry to the UNESCO World Heritage listed region. You are offered a complete range of authentic wines representing the finesse of floral white wines and the minerals of full bodied spicy red wines. You have a proposal of a unique range for every occasion, from the informal aperitifs to the gastronomic and festive banquets. A stroll in the village of Lutry, one of the most picturesque of the region or in the overhanging vineyard gives a glimpse of the history and environment from which the wines on offer originated.

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